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We apply business-wise approach towards food waste issue

We use original IT solution to monitor structure and quantity of food waste

We optimize quantity of food prepared

We create financial models showing cost of food waste

We analyse overproduction of food by HoReCa and other entities

We implement complex programs to limit food waste

Our services target HoReCa sector as well as educational facilities and hospitals

We conduct special workshops for personel to raise their food waste awareness

We conduct food waste workshops for kids and youths building their awareness

we formulate SCORE strategies: strategies for cost optimization and food waste reduction

We formulate CSR programs linked to food waste reductions

Return on investment based on our proposed actions is visible already after 2-3 months

About Us

Who we are

We are a group of professionals who joined forces, knowledge, expertise, and ideas to tackle growing problem of food waste. We have developed IT systems (KuMin.Sys and KuMin.App), to monitor structure and quantities of food waste and reduce it in kitchens and cantines. Monitoring of food waste is first important step in the proces of reduction. We also advise – formulating and implementing plans, programs, and strategies to limit food waste. We call them SCORE: strategies for cost optimization and food waste reduction.

Our mission and vision


we are consulting company promoting innovative solutions reducing food waste: for the world (environment), for the people (food shortage), and for business (cost optimization).


our ambition is to become the global leader in the area of monitoring and measuring quantities and structure of food waste as well as formulating and implementing SCORE: strategies for cost optimization and food waste reduction.

Context of our activities

Limiting food waste has become important factor in today’s world. This growing problem has many interlinked aspects:


growing food prices and increased competition put pressure on existing sectoral players. Food waste cuts revenue of HoReCa business by 4-12%. Around 50% of buffets are wasted;


HoReCa environmental footprint is significant and growing (eg. producing 1 kg of beef requires 15 500 liters of water (FAO));


food waste increases, at the same time 1,5 bln people suffer of structural hunger. It becomes one of key global challenges undermining stability of our world;


most countries including the EU are introducing waste regulations to tackle the problem in a more efficient way. The EU parliament has passed a new waste directive in April 2018.

What We Do

Our activities are based on 2 interconnected pillars:

1) provide our IT system: KuMin.Sys to monitor food circulation in the hotel/restaurant (including food waste/excessive production, etc.), and

2) provide advisory support to formulate and implement complex strategy for cost optimization and food waste reduction (SCORE). Answering questions of: who, why, how much, when, where, and what is generating food waste helps with better decision making and planning. Key critical success factors in limiting food waste and efficient implementation of SCORE are: leadership, engagement, and ownership.

By reducing food waste we limit overproduction of food and optimize operational costs. SCORE is formulated and implemented in 6 consequtive stages:


    We build awareness among personel explaining why we do what we do


    We measure the scale of food waste


    We analyse status quo based on reliable and complex data


    We formulate action plan for changes: what, who, when, how


    We implement formulated plan of actions


    We monitor the plan and make adjustments

Scope of our work

  • together with our clients we formulate SCORE strategies – optimizing operational costs and reducing food waste as well as we jointly implement them
  • we measure quantity, structure, and value of food waste including overproduction of food
  • we suport actions to adjust menus
  • we formulate educational programs to raise awareness in the field of food waste

Our services

Our services can be used by the following:

  • institutions and individual persons who are aware and cautious about limiting operational costs and saving money in their budgets
  • institutions and private individuals who are aware and cautious about negative impact of food waste
  • hotels, restaurants, catering, cafes, hospitals, educational facilities with kitchens, shops, and households

Benefits for our cients

  • according to WRAP and World Resource Institute: 1 USD invested in food waste reduction brings ROI of 14 USD
  • uncontrolled food waste reduces yearly revenue of 4-12%
  • more rational approach to purchases of raw materials and produce – we sell perhaps the same amount with reduced op costs
  • correcting menus: we know how much of produced food including specific dishes and portions are uneaten by guests/customers (including leftovers on plates), why, and when
  • adjusting quantity and variety of food served to specific clients
  • answering key managerial questions such as: how much and what we throw away, why it is thrown away, what is the value of thrown away food, what is the level of overproduction of food (uneaten by guests/clients), and the structure and quantity of food left on plates
  • results of our tests show that for hotels of up to 350 rooms, the level of potential savings reducing food waste may reach up to 400,000 EUR per year
  • using KuMin.Sys we can easily perform benchmark between units in the chain/network

IT Systems


One of the key IT tool to support formulation and implementation of the SCORE strategy: cost optimization and reduction of food waste is our KuMin.Sys

It is your ears and eyes in the kitchen. It offers user friendly and intuitive interface for weighing system and managerial panel. It enables constant monitoring of the scale of food waste thanks to a) registering and categorization of its weight, and b) observing results in a real time via managerial panel.

Weighing interface of the KuMin.Sys consists of electronic weight and the interactive panel. Specialized weight ensures weighing process is accurate. It uses USB/RS232 port. Interactive panel consists of a standard tablet – Windows inside, intuitive graphical interface for a user, and special handler for comfortable work.

KuMin.Sys is simple to use and intiutive. Food wastes eg. (plates’ leftovers, production scraps, etc. – being WHAT) are placed on a weight. Thanks to the tablet they are categorized also per reasons for disposing (eg. food returned from buffets and uneaten, recycling, rotten, etc. – being WHY). The whole process of inputting data into the system should take no more than a few extra seconds of staff effort. The result is recorded in one central database and automatically shown in the managerial panel.  The key advantage in using our system is that it can be moved from one place to another especially in big premises with multiple kitchens. It can also catch overproduction of food – especially uneaten buffets immediately after finishing any given event.

Thanks to KuMin.Sys decision makers are able to:

  • Save a lot of time using automated weighing system and managerial interface,
  • Work without any flaws or mistakes that could happen when work to gather and analyse data is done manually (written form or in Excel),
  • Receive immediate feedback in terms of weight and monetary values.

KuMin.Sys can be adjusted to individal needs of a specific client and required structure of gathered data. At the preliminary stage, our team together with the client discuss: a) structure of categories to be measured and analysed, b) number and specific locations of KuMin.Sys units in clients’ premises, c) procedures and processes of weighing – who, when, what, in what mode, why, where, etc. based on indovidual needs of the client. KuMin.Sys can also be equipped with administrator’s module that enables the client to change the structure, adding new categories and modifying the tool at their discretion.

KuMin.Sys managerial interface is using the results available immediately after the weighing process  is completed (or a single data entry done). Intuitive user interface is cloud-based and available on-line. It presents us with accurate data on the level of food waste (both in kgs and currency). Results are visible on different graphs and multiple dimensions including time, type, overal result, by category, by source, by cause, etc. Results can also be exported to Excel tables and reports printed.

Cloud-based database of the KuMin.Sys is also reservoir of knowledge, that supports optimization of operational costs. Easy accessible knowledge database provides possibility to compare historical data. Combined with the possibility to visualize results and analysis, it gives managers a powerful tool to make better operational decisions and react quickly to changing circumstances.


It is our smartphone application to monitor food waste in households. All above functionalities described in KuMin.Sys are also valid for KuMin.App


  •  4-star hotel in Old Town, Gdansk
  • 4-star hotel in Old Town, Wroclaw
  • 4-star hotel in the downtown, Warszawa
  • Restaurant a’la carte, Gdansk
  • Restaurant a’la carte, Wroclaw
  • Restaurant a’la carte, Warszawa
  • Fantazja Montessori Kindergarten, Bolechowice (near Cracow)
  • Horyzont Montessori Primary School, Bolechowice (near Cracow)
  • Montessori Kindergarten Slonecznik, Warszawa
  • Montessori Primary School Ledóchowska, Warszawa
  • Catering business: iWieszCoJesz, Warszawa
  • Workshop on food waste for chefs, F&B managers:
    Hotel Sofitel, Wrocław
    Hotel Novotel City, Wrocław
    Hotel Novotel Centrum, Wrocław
    Hotel Mercury Old Town, Wrocław
  • Medical spa hotel – south west part of Poland
  • Food Bank in Warsaw
  • Workshop for Food Bank beneficiaries on food waste (Warszawa)
  • Individual clients using our household application: KuMin.App.

Our references


As the very first institution in Poland we have developed a complex program to limit food waste in educational facilities. The program focuses on the following key aspects:

  1. a) Constant monitoring of food waste weight and structure
  2. b) Surveys for personel and parents assessing quality of food and organization of meals
  3. c) Workshops for kids to raise awareness of food waste
  4. d) Culinary workshops for kids
  5. e) Correcting menu
  6. f) Changing organization of meals
  7. g) Restructuring work in kitchen
  8. h) Creating small gardens and composters


We have established NGO called KurKuMa.Fund to raise awareness of food waste problems among kids and youths

Do you have any idea? Did you get interested after reviewing our website? Do you want to share your opinion with us? Write to us!

  • Tomasz Szuba


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